Image:My office is moving, and I don´t care
For five years, I've maintained a bit of a charade.  My IBM office address and business cards claimed that I worked in the Hub of the Universe...well, at least the Hub of the Lotus... Cambridge, Massachusetts.  It truly was my business address in 1999 and 2000.  In mid-2000, though, I decided to move back to Chicago and "telecommute" -- at the time, a relatively new and untested idea -- with the office in Cambridge.  In 2000 and pre-9/11 2001, I was still spending a fair bit of time in Cambridge, even maintaining an office there.  It was where the action was, a see-and-be-seen kind of work environment.  My staff was there, too.

Post 9/11, IBM accelerated its implementation of an On Demand Workplace, and more and more of IBM's work capability was brought into the online world.  Thus, I dropped the physical office in Cambridge, right about the time Lotus's presence there was consolidated into a single building.  

Still, I never quite got around to changing my IBM work location.  It seemed important to be perceived as being "from Cambridge", especially when meeting with customers.  There was this aura of insider-ness associated with it.

Well, with a bunch of other changes going on, I finally decided it was time to "move" -- to Chicago.  It was inspired by a number of things -- a personal move, the fact that IBM is moving its Chicago office anyway, and a desire to have a local address/phone so that maybe I could enter some of those "win a free lunch" business card drawings.  Not that this matters much to me -- I am so rarely in a physical IBM office that my address-related details are almost meaningless.  

When I got a call a week or two ago that I had a "package" at work, I knew it had to be junk mail -- and it was -- since anybody sending me anything I'd be expecting would get my "real" address anyway.  I also laughed at the caller whose voicemail said "I'm calling to help you with sales opportunities in your territory" -- I don't have a territory!

Anyway, next week, when IBM Chicago moves from IBM Plaza to the Hyatt Center -- the same physical location where my dad's office used to be, though that address was oddly 77 S. Wacker -- I'm "moving", too.  In 2005, it's no longer particularly relevant to my job where I'm located.  I often joke that I could do this job in Nepal, if there was a decent airport nearby ;).  Cambridge is still an important location for Lotus, but I think that's more the case for departments like development and support than for a worldwide sales role.  It will be interesting to see how the Chicago address changes perceptions, if at all.  I even thought about going with a business card sans address, just phones, e-mail, and weblog addresses.  A little too progressive for IBM, perhaps, though it is possible to order it that way.  Maybe the next reorder.

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