Saw Network World's John Fontana just outside the Lotus office in Cambridge last week...knew that something good was coming up.  And here it is...

IBM/Lotus chief Michael Rhodin this week will quietly finish his first 100 days at the helm, but it is the coming months that will tell if he is the one who can align Notes/Domino with IBM's Java-based collaboration strategy and validate customers' continued investment in the Lotus platform.   The first order of business will be to reveal that new versions of Notes/Domino will extend past Version 8, which could ship by the end of 2006.
Some discussion about the entire Workplace portfolio...
Notes and Domino is not going away, which is good because we have a huge investment in that," says Sinstead, who also has deployed to 150 users the Workplace Managed Client, a server-managed collaboration environment that works online and offline.

While the managed client has yet to match the rich feature set of Notes, it lets him extend collaboration tools to retailers, who don't have IT departments, desktop support or broadband connections.
The Workplace Managed Client itself isn't intended to "match" the rich feature set of Notes.  Notes is built in 7.0 to be a plug-in in the WMC environment; in future versions, more and more Notes innovations will be available using the same Eclipse-based framework.  Notes is still Notes, and WMC doesn't replace it or offer an alternative -- since Notes also runs within WMC.

Link: Network World: New Lotus boss sailing tricky seas >

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