New Plazes beta

March 27 2006

I've been beta testing a new version of the Plazes launcher (now called "Plazer").  The Plazes team granted permission to blog about the beta over the weekend, so here we are.

I have been a fan of Plazes since discovering it six months ago.  With the diversity and quantity of my travel, it's been a great way for coworkers, customers, even family to track where I am at any given time.  And its concept of "place-based awareness" is very much in sync with work going on for Lotus Sametime 7.5 -- where my location is now advertised along with my status, thus allowing co-workers to know where I am as well as my avaiilability.

Image:New Plazes beta

The new Plazer streamlines plaze management in a lot of ways.  It provides a local UI, rather than a web page, to manage my status.

Image:New Plazes beta

What's more interesting about the new Plazes is that it is becoming a more effective tool for finding other people.  Like Meetro, Plazes now gives the user proximity tools -- who is nearby and where are they.  When I was in Europe two weeks ago, I noticed this a lot -- people right nearby when I was at my hotel in Stockholm, for example.

Image:New Plazes beta

If you are interested in using plazes, please let me know and I'll invite you.  Sure, you could just go to the plazes homepage and sign up, but sending invites increases one's "karma points" score.  

I can see this concept reaching critical mass and leading to impromptu geekdinners/meetups.  Location-based awareness is becoming more and more useful for real-time business.

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