As I said to the 100 person+ audience at IBM Kista this morning, this week represents the last deliverables of my 2011 product management calendar. I have one new release coming each of the next three days...

Today, we first have the IBM Lotus Symphony viewers for iOS. I alluded to this release last week in covering the mobile announcements from LeWeb. These viewers support the Open Document Formats with full fidelity, better than anything else I've seen on iOS today.

The Symphony viewers are already available for Android.

Tomorrow, LotusLive Notes news, and Wednesday, more XPages goodness.

Meanwhile we had a great event in Sweden today. Over 100 people, customers and partners, showed up to "#XTrain", an XPages-focused day with my strategy session in the morning and deep-dive breakouts this afternoon. Thanks to the IBM Sweden team for the opportunity to talk to this market for the first time in several years.

This trip does it for 2011 travel, next stop Lotusphere!

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