OK, second day, second new release. The channel announcement is live by now in some markets...

Today we are releasing an update to the entire LotusLive service. Some highlights:

  • Connections Files update to version 3.5. Drag and drop, soft delete, customizable end-user views.
  • New Connections community management settings
  • Mobile Meetings clients (previously announced)
  • and new LotusLive Notes features, including:
    • An "over-the-wire" method to transfer mailboxes into the service. Previously, this was a manual offline operation. There are limits to the size and type of mailboxes that can be FTP'd into the service, but this should offer a faster onboarding approach overall.
    • New administrative controls over soft delete time period, user initiation of empty trash, and white-list/black-lists.
    • Instant messaging accessible from LotusLive Notes web.
    • Support for the Lotus Notes 8.5.3 client.
  • And last, an update to the self-service trial engine to provide access to the features of LotusLive Notes and LotusLive Engage in a single trial.

This represents the fifth release of LotusLive Notes over 16 months, demonstrating again our ability to evolve in the SaaS market at the market's expectations of rate and pace. We are planning more for 2012, of course, which my team and I will be covering at Lotusphere.

Congratulations to the entire team across all LotusLive, Notes/Domino, Connections, and Unified Communications organizations -- a major set of updates to round out the year for LotusLive!

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