Next week, I'll be in Europe for a couple of days, including a pretty cool event being organized by e-office in Maarssen, Netherlands.  I'm just starting to work on the first half of my presentation -- a 45-minute historical review of the history of Lotus Notes.  Clearly, I'll be drawing on the "History of Lotus Notes/Domino", but I'll also be drawing on my own 14 years of working with and on the Notes/Domino product family.  I know I'd love to go back to the R5 easter egg and find my name for one of the screen shots to be included :-)  At any rate, this should be an interesting presentation, and I'll be sure to post it after the event.  If you have any ideas to contribute, please feel free to post or e-mail.

My logistics to get to the Maarssen event are a little bit unusual.  I'm passing through Rome on the way to the event (anyone in Rome want to meet for a glass of vino bianco?).  The morning flights between Rome and Amsterdam are really limited -- a 5:50 AM departure or a 9:45 AM departure.  Understandably, I'm not much for the 5:50 AM flight.  So I'm doing the logical thing -- flying to Brussels on a 7:05 AM flight and driving from there.  The reality is Maarssen is not that bad a drive from Brussels, and it will allow me to finally remove the asterisk from Belgium on my "countries visited" list.

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