At last week's Lotusphere Comes to You in Norway, my colleagues started the day with a compelling set of customer quotes.  Some very satisfied Notes customers--and they're not afraid to say so.

The local team translated the quotes into English for they are:

17,000 Notes users
"The choice of technology was done some years back.  We have renewed our current license agreement for a period of 3 years.  No other products on the market  give more value add than Lotus.  Therefore we see no reason for changing to a different platform than this one provided by IBM.  Flexible IBM software agreements give us an additional advantage when selling and buying companies"

-- Jorn Larsen, IT Manager
26,000 Notes users
"Hydro has chosen to extend their current corporate agreement with IBM Norway for Lotus Notes and Sametime for a period of 3 years from 2006.  This means that Hydro will  continue using Lotus Notes as their primary mail and collaboration platform."

-- Trygve K Nilssen, CIO
Bertel O. Steen
1,500 Notes users
"Bertel O. Steen AS has used Lotus Notes for many years and is very satisfied with this product. Using Lotus makes us less prone to virus attacks compared to using other products. However, the most important aspect is the  possibility to create small but for us important applications which is seamlessly integrated with Lotus Notes.

Our information portal and our solution for publishing documents are both based on IBM Software, and the integration with our mailing system gives us a complete and consistent solution."

-- Ole-Christian Braathen, managing director
Kongsberg Maritime
2,300 Notes users
"Kongsberg Maritime (KM) has used Lotus Notes since 1994 and during this time, we have seen large advantages when it comes to sharing information among our offices  - from Korea/China in the far East to US/Canada in the West. KM uses Domino servers world wide as  platform for their infrastructure with background replication for effective access to common information.
  • KM has integrated Sametime and Quickplace which increases and facilitates the possibility for cooperation among the users within our organization.
  • The content on KM's web can be updated from all our locations due to the replication technology in Lotus.
  • A common calendar function for the entire organization is a significant support tool when planning various activities.
  • The security technology in Notes prevents and makes virus attacks more difficult, which KM has experienced on several occasions. Ref. 'Melissa'."

-- Hilde Nilsen-Aas
Rieber & Søn
1,400 Notes users
"Rieber & Søn ASA has used Lotus Notes / Domino as mailing system and framework for electronic exchange in our international businesses for many years, including standard add-on modules and 'home grown' support systems. We are conducting evaluations regularly of all our systems solutions to ensure that we use available technology in the most efficient way.

Our assessment is that Notes / Domino as a whole significantly exceeds its competitiors when it comes to functionality and flexibility in our electronic workflow, and this is a dependancy for our daily routines when operating  in a very competitive international market place."

-- Trond Kathenes, Global IT Operation Manager
1,900 users (half migrated from Microsoft Exchange)
"With large focus on performing tasks in a coherent way, centralized operations and stable 24*365 solutions,   Notes was the only right choice in 1997. The system proved to live up to our expectations and the area of application is continuisly increasing."

-- Torsten Hellner, Director IKT Operations
6,000 Notes users -- 3,000 converting from Microsoft Exchange
"We had a shared environment with 3000 Microsoft users and  3000 Notes users. When facing the choice between Lotus and  Microsoft, our decision was simple. Notes is so much more than just an e-mail client and gives us the possibility to offer  our applications to all of our employees."

-- Thomas Pedersen
Norsk Sykepleierforbundet
Domino website serving 20,000 simultaneous users
"Lotus Notes/Domino lets us do what we need to do, in such an ingenious, simple and effictive way which no other competitive products can offer."

-- Morten Authen, responsible for Operations
Bergesen ASA "Lotus Domino provides a platform that has enabled efficient information sharing through applications, mail and collaboration software. For a global shipping company as BW Gas ASA this has become the 'nervous system' integrating all offices and vessels, and is as such an important contributor to our operational efficiency."

-- Vidar Bakken

One other footnote from my Nordics tour -- Computer Sweden has run a story today entitled, "Framtidens Notes ska kunna allt " (Future Notes will know all).  I don't have a full translation yet, but this should help with the Lotus Notes visibility in the Swedish market, as was discussed on the blog following the LCTY event.

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