It's here!

Today, IBM is shipping Lotus Notes Traveler  New in this release -- the Notes Traveler client for Android OS.  The new client provides support for mail/calendar/contacts on any Android 2.x-based device.  Yes, it works on tablets as well as mobile phones -- there was a draft technote prior to ship that seemed to indicate narrower support, but we've corrected that in the final release notes.

Image:Now available - Lotus Notes Traveler for Android

A couple of things to note about the final release:

  • Your Notes Traveler server must be running 8.5.2 to support the Android devices.  This has the nice bonus of supporting the Traveler mobile installer, so that the software on the device side is always up-to-date.
  • Having said that, the Traveler client for Android still cannot be installed on AT&T devices.  This is due to their approach to device security; apps can only be installed from the Android Marketplace.  AT&T has indicated they will have a solution available in early 2011.  
  • If you have been running the beta, you'll need to uninstall and reinstall in order to run the final version.
As I have said many times in the course of the last two years, Notes Traveler just works.  The feedback during beta has been positive and the experience of building an Android client enlightening.  Congratulations to Jan Kenney and to the engineering team on shipping -- this is the last piece that completes our leadership equation in the business mobile collaboration space, and now we're on to 2011.  Thank you all for your beta participation and feedback!

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