Paul Mooney addresses a topic that has been buzzing for a few days....

The [Irish Lotus Users Group, ILUG] event is from the 4th-6th June in Dublin Ireland.  The event will be held here.  This, of course conflicts with DNUG [German Notes Users Group] in the summer.  So, did we do it on purpose?
Course not.  We checked the events that we were conflicting with (Admin, Advisor stuff)  but  never considered DNUG.  Doh!  
This makes life difficult for sponsors, speakers and delegates.
In the category of "good problem to have", there are now two great conferences scheduled in Europe for 4 to 6 June.  I do not believe there is that much audience overlap, but as Paul says, a few of us on the speaker circuit will have some extra hoops to jump, and sponsors/exhibitors will have to make some choices.  My hope is to somehow figure out how to be at both events (Dublin is a definite!), though there are very few reasonable flight choices between the two cities (or even nearby cities).  We shall have to see.

I want to commend Paul, Eileen, and everyone else in the organising committee for the ILUG event for handling this conflict professionally.  "It is what it is", and we will all make the best of great events -- in June and beyond.

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