IBM's developerWorks website launched a new service today called my DeveloperWorks.  The site provides aggregation of social media tools for you as customers or business partners to use (or those IBMers who are reading as well!).  It's nice to see that the announcement got some street cred in ReadWriteWeb:

So, what is IBM really doing in the social space?

Enter developerWorks, reportedly the largest online technical resource for software developers in the world. Today, half of the world's developers use it; that's around 8 million members.

And today, IBM is launching a social network just for them.  And before you rush to make comparisons, it's nothing like Facebook, LinkedIn, or any of the better known social nets we all know.

The functions of the site are remarkably task-focused. IBM's demo video sets a stage of goal-oriented techies seeking a specific knowledge or skill set and using My developerWorks' groups, discussion threads, and profiles to determine who has experience or expertise in a particular field.
I see that Chris Toohey picked this up amongst the Lotus blogging community as well.  Will be interesting to see this evolve and what kind of participation it spawns.  Admittedly, yellow bleeders have already had a home for some of this on, but the hope is the approach ties together more aspects of our story overall, and has more reach into the market as a whole.

Link: ReadWriteWeb: IBM Launches World's Geekiest Social Network, My developerWorks >

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