Hah, Rob beat Bruce by 3.3%!!!

I didn't believe it, based on my experience for a little over 2 years with WebSphere Portal Express. In 2003, it took me almost 100 hours to get that going. It was a monster. Then it was 30 hours, and finally with the latest shipping version I got it down to about 6 (including integration with an 8-server Domino lab, it started to even feel impressive). Not too shabby for the extreme amount of functionality you get, but it's still not a half hour!

So when Mike Rhodin said we could have Workplace Services Express 2.0 installed from 3 CDs (the ones in the Lotusphere backpacks, which BTW are a lovely fashion statement in any venue) in 30 minutes, I didn't believe him.
Yet...29 minutes later....
Link: Rob Novak: A half hour to productivity? Come on. Really. >

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