Roll with Rimowa

June 17 2005

vowe's choice strikes again....
Image:Roll with Rimowa
In getting ready to head out of Hannover yesterday, I was impressed with Volker Weber's choice of luggage.  He was travelling with a smart-looking rollaboard size suitcase made by Rimowa.  I hadn't heard of this brand, but they should send vowe a referral fee.  For after a few quick searches, I found that this would be a perfect carry-on suitcase for my shorter trips.  Lufthansa offers the entire Rimowa line, but I didn't want to wait until my flight from Frankfurt airport to check this out (nor did I want to pay what would likely be a higher price tag).

So, during a short break in my Thursday agenda, I headed into Hannover Zentrum and bought the Rimowa "Salsa" suitcase, shown in the picture above.  Why was I so easily sold on this bag?  Simple -- it's as light as a feather, but built to be durable.  The empty suitcase weighs about 3 pounds.  As a bonus, it's well-built: the wheels and handle are large and durable.  And it comes in cool colors, like a steely silver that works well for me.

Right now, this suitcase is holding only a gift I'm transporting to certain colleagues of mine on behalf of one of the DNUG/Tech Forum speakers.  But I'm sure it will come in handy on many an upcoming trip.

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