Not too much to write about this week.  Dining experiences have been among the non-work highlights...

  • For the weekend, I've quietly slipped away to the Batam View Beach Resort in Nongsapura, Pulau Batam, Indonesia.  A cheap, fast ferry heads over here in under 40 minutes from Singapore.  I'm staying in one of their villas and basically watching the seas while reading a Scott Turow book and drinking pineapple juice.  One cool thing about the resort is that they have their own on-site herb garden -- making for some especially tasty gado gado etc.  Otherwise, nothing particularly remarkable about the place, but it was a good (and inexpensive) choice for some weekend downtime.
  • I did try the pepper crab the other night in Singapore.  Some of my colleagues said they preferred it to chili crab, saying the pepper crab was "less messy".  Yeah, right.  I think I like the pepper crab slightly better, but the mess factor is about equal.
  • There's nothing wrong with a couple hours' layover at Hong Kong's airport.  Free wifi, good shops, and on the outbound trip, access to Cathay Pacific's lounge -- complete with its own noodle bar.  One of the best business-class airport lounges, anywhere in the world (and that one time I was in their first class lounge, wow!).
  • There appears to be an increasing number of Plazes users in SE Asia.  While I was still able to 'claim' all of the hotels I've stayed at along the route, the airport locations were claimed, as well as the wifi in the Suntec convention centre in Singapore.  It was labelled as being the Starbucks downstairs, which elicited a chuckle due to the plaze discoverer's comment about how good the coffee was--as if it was somehow unique...
This afternoon I'll head north to Kuala Lumpur for the last stop of the trip.  Some laksa and a trip to the night market await.

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