SearchDomino has additional texture to today's LinuxWorld announcements...

Included is a plug-in that will allow Linux desktop customers to access their Notes and Domino systems with a simple double-click and run their existing Notes and Domino applications in a Workplace Managed Client environment, including those running on Linux. A beta of the Notes plug-in for Linux will also be available in Q3, with general availability planned for the first half of 2006.

"There's a lot of pent-up demand for a full Notes client as an offering for Linux," Ken Bisconti, vice president of IBM's Workplace, Portal and Collaboration products, told by phone from LinuxWorld in San Francisco. Although IBM has previously offered Web browser access for mail and calendar in a Linux desktop environment, "we have never had a full Notes client running in all its glory on a Linux operating system," he said.

"By supporting the full Notes client on Linux, a whole new set of Linux customers who want the full Notes experience now have the ability to run applications offline," Bisconti said. A similar product was previewed at Lotusphere 2005.
Link: SearchDomino: Lotus Notes plug-in for Linux heads up busy day for IBM at LinuxWorld >

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