See - car-go?

September 25 2007

We interrupt this blog for a special request.  Do any of my American readers have any experience with inbound overseas cargo shipping?  I have a purchase coming on the slow boat from China, as it were, and I can't seem to find anyone on the receiving US-side of the equation to help explain to me exactly what I need to do next (other than send them lots of money).

Please contact me offline (edbrill at, ed_brill at, if you can help.  Internet searches for FAQs have left me more confused, phone calls and e-mails get cryptic "you should know better" responses (if anything).

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(Update - thanks for e-mails and pings... I have a bit more of the picture now, still trying to figure out the remaining pieces.  And no, my shipment is not literally coming from China, though I suspect it passed through there).

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