This year is quickly shaping up to be mostly about international travel, with trips to Europe planned about every month through July. Tomorrow I'm off for the 2nd time in four weeks, to Thursday's Turkish Lotus User Group conference. On Monday next, I head to Vienna, for customer/internal meetings and a Lotusphere Comes to You on Tuesday the 22nd.

As if those two awesome cities weren't enough, the adventure is about what happens in-between.

With all the international travel I've done, I have developed a somewhat obsessive need to check out more and more places and countries in the world. It's why I drove to Lichtenstein on a sunny Sunday last fall, or took the train from Copenhagen to Malmö several years ago (I've been to Sweden again since). This week, that awkward obsession is meeting its match, as my mate Lewis and I are out to visit four or five countries in the span of a weekend. We're flying into Pristina, Kosovo on Friday, then driving from there through Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, and perhaps Serbia. What else is a brand-new passport for?

I'll be taking the good camera and three GPS devices. It should make for a fascinating journey.

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