Six months in

August 1 2013

It was January 31 at IBM Connect 2013:

This week has served to remind me what a special community we have built, and continue to grow, around these products. You are all like family to me, and I will remain a part of the family as I move into the mobile space. I hope you will likewise all take the opportunity to come along on that journey, one of the most exciting areas of technology across the entire IBM portfolio.

Six months ago. Time has flown.

IBM Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition shipped in March, a great release with positive reviews and quick adoption. Thank you for collectively carrying the torch, both IBMers and those of you in the community. I've enjoyed reading your tweets and blogs discussing Notes/Domino 9. I now only get about one email a week asking me something Notes-related, but as with this week's column on that indicated that Notes is one of the 10 most influential software programs of all time, it's usually good news.

Meanwhile, the first six months on the IBM MobileFirst marketing team have been fantastic. Just after I came in, we launched the brand and progressed through a rapid sequence of major events. In the last few weeks, the activity around MobileFirst has kicked up a level, as we have put increased focus on marketing our mobile enterprise initiative. The team I'm part of is rapidly undertaking a series of events, online webinars, digital content, social media, videos and tutorials, demos, case studies, and all the other tools you need to understand why a mobile enterprise strategy is so important, and how IBM can help you realize that vision.

Our focus areas right now include awareness of IBM's software and services in the mobile space, understanding the imperative to adopt a mobile enterprise application platform, offering new delivery such as mobile cloud services (or what the industry oddly has chosen to call "MBaaS - Mobile Backend as a Service"), building out the partner/channel ecosystem, and how to convey the IBM MobileFirst portfolio to broader audiences by industry, geography, and through branding.

Today we published a podcast where I did a quick eight-minute summary of where we are at and going with IBM MobileFirst. [No, you don't need to register to download.]  In the next few weeks, we'll be publishing some major new assets to highlight our leadership in this space, and how companies like yours are thinking about their mobile strategy. Then, starting in September, we hit the road again - MobileFirst will be represented at 72 (and counting) events during the second half of 2013, including a major presence at IBM InterConnect in Singapore. I'll also be in Europe (Portugal and probably London) in September and late October (Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland), and before all that, at MWLUG in Indianapolis. I hope to see many familiar faces - from my long-time family.

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  1. 1  Vitor Pereira  |

    Portugal? :) Is that an IBM event?

  1. 2  Matt tredinnick  |

    Ed Brill continues to lead thought provoking insight into the changing dynamics of communications globally. Whether social, mobile or cloud his insight and opinions guide the decisions of influential people as they contend with crucial decisions for their orgs. His ability to balance potential with reality sets him apart and aids his perspective .

  1. 3  Bruce Elgort |

    Matt you can also write my LinkedIn bio! Well said about Ed.

  1. 4  Ed Brill |

    Cheers, Matt, need you to go submit that on Linkedin :-)

  1. 5  Ed Brill |

    @1 Vitor - yes - September 18 in Lisboa. Don't know if it has been promoted yet. Thinking of being in the neighborhood? :)

  1. 6  Ray Bilyk |

    See you at MWLUG!

  1. 7  JFranchetti  |

    Is the new Lotus Ed Brill, Kramer Reeves? I don't believe he tweets or has a web presence. Is there another way that he is fostering or keeping the Lotus (IBM Notes) community alive?

  1. 8  Ed Brill |

    @7 Jeff, Kramer is the product management director who took over my role, yes. But since he is new to the space, Scott Souder (who worked for me and now works for Kramer) stepped up to be more visible at user groups and online. Scott's Twitter is .

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