May 14 2007

Good morning from the outskirts of Amsterdam... I'm here for a few hours to speak with some new Lotus employees and business partners.  Felt very good about United's ability to get the ORD-AMS flight in a good half hour early.  But.

Three widebody planes arrive at Schilphol from the US within ten minutes.  As they do every morning.  So you would think the airport would be ready for this.  But there are only three queues open at passport control, one of them EU-only.  The queueing area is packed wall-to-wall, and the escalator keeps delivering more people down into this small room.  Eventually, the escalator is shut off -- good thing, too, otherwise someone was going to get pushed or trampled.  Finally, one additional queue opens -- EU-only.

Bottom line, 30 minutes to clear passport control.  I shouldn't have skipped that Diet Coke machine on the way out of the terminal....

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