The unidentified author of today's Silicon Valley Sleuth blog, perhaps with a bit of jealousy, says:

In an age that everybody gets to be a vice president or Chief Makebelieve Officer, some folks seem to build their ego based on the number or frequent flier miles they collect.

Let it be noted that I couldn't care less about where you travel. Or that you're tired. Or that you haven't posted in the past week because you just logged anoter quazilion miles. But please tell me if you found out something interesting while en route. Your a non-authority in the travel business - I read your blog because it provides insight into technology.
As I commented on their blog, feedback here has been positive about my occasional travel blogging (10% of the total entries).  I'm fortunate to be in a job that provides such a rich set of opportunities to explore the world.  

When I started writing, I found that telling travel stories was a great way to reach out to all readers -- customers, partners, press, analysts, colleagues, competitors, friends,and family.  As such, I plan to continue.  It's a small way to give back -- tips and hints, experiences good and bad, and ideas and dreams.

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