Happy Thanksgiving!  Loads to be thankful for this year.  Take a short break from blogging about the new iMac and get back to Notes.

Overnight, I received two e-mails with end-user questions/comments/observations about Lotus Notes.  We'll take the first one now, which came from an end-user at a Large Automotive Company.  She asks, "Is there a way to sort my Notes mail by last name?"

It's been a while since I was asked this question.  It has been so long since I set up a brand-new Notes environment, I've forgotten what sorting configurations exist in the Domino Directory, and whether end-users can view things differently.  Remember that this is an end-user question, so opening the mail template in Domino Designer won't be an option.  Still, I'm sure it's not a unique question and that some of you have addressed it before.  Any thoughts?  I'm not sure yet what version of Notes is being used...does that matter? (It's at least R5, but I think may now be 6.x).

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