Staying within policy

March 23 2006

I met with a group of Lotus customers yesterday in Kansas City.  One surprise to me was the answer to one of my usual questions -- how many of you are using policies to manage your Domino environment?  The answer -- none.

Polices in Notes/Domino 6.x were a good first step.  The problem, though, is that they weren't lockable -- users could, essentially, override policy settings pushed down to their Notes client.  In Notes/Domino 7, policies are substantially improved.  First, more user settings are configurable by policy, and second, they can be locked down to prevent user modification.

In today's Show-and-Tell Thursday, my colleague Kathleen McGivney covers how to modify user settings such as location documents, preferences, and notes.ini settings via customized settings documents.  With all the improvements in policies in ND7, hopefully tips such as Kathleen's will help you make the best use of this TCO-reducing feature in your environment.

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