In the coming weeks, IBM's marketing team is going to be driving messages about collaboration in a couple of different ways.  The Lotus Knows campaign kickoff continues, with some great video submissions that will end up on  Meanwhile, IBM's Smarter Planet initiative has picked up focus on the concept of "Smarter Work", with the launch of this theme coming up over the next few weeks.

Image:The IBM Smarter Work Mandate: more opportunities to jam

Now this is a much broader, non-brand-specific effort for IBM and IBM clients/partners to evolve the way the work thinks about work.  Headier stuff.  Here's the Smart Work Jam concept:

IBM will kick off a 72-hour global "Jam"-- a large scale Web 2.0 venue -- to explore how work will evolve in the future. The Jam is designed around several thought-provoking topics to facilitate conversation and the development of ideas to help optimize business and organizational performance by working smarter. We are inviting business leaders, technologists, researchers, and visionaries to join the discussion and share and develop inventive ideas in areas like:
* The evolution of teams
* Maximizing the talents of the new generation of workers
* Collaborative business process management
I encourage you to check out the details on Smart Work Mandate overall, and then the specifics on the videocast and Global Jam.

Link: The Smart Work Mandate >

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