Theo Heselmans has an interesting idea.  It addresses part of my "where are you?" posting from last week... that I just needed a place (other than the blogger BoF, which I couldn't attend) to meet some of you.  For example, I spent 30 minutes one morning in the Priority Support customer lounge, and another 30 minutes in the references lounge.  Even though these were published in advance, neither time did a customer come by to talk to me.

So here's my suggestion for next year's Lotusphere:
Let's set up a 'Meet the Bloggers' lounge:

  * Some cozy seats
  * Some laptops on a pedestal
  * Some food / drinks (hot and cold)
  * One or more sponsors
  * and a schedule, so there are always some bloggers there to meet people

It could be a hang-out in-between sessions and during 'slow' periods, open to everyone, same availability as other labs.
It certainly would increase the 'community' feeling.
On top of that I would suggest that all bloggers wear a 'Read my blog' badge. Each signed with their blog's name. This way other people will be less intimidated to say hi when passing. Remember, I used to be (and still am) one of those people that wondered: 'Is that really him/her' ?
We did those "" stickers on our badges a few years back, but I think Theo's suggesting something bigger.

The lounge or informal meeting space is a great idea.  I would love to think that the blogger dinner (aka BALD) would work, but not everyone is in on Saturday.

Your thoughts?

Link: Theo's Blog: "Meet the Bloggers" lounge at LS09 ? >

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