One of the great aspects of my job change is that it is not fundamentally a subject matter change.  While I certainly have the new opportunity to develop deeper knowledge on some of our product areas, at a basic level, I'm still going to be out here talking about Lotus Notes, Domino, and Symphony products.  That means that my travel schedule for the next several weeks is generally intact despite the change, and I expect to continue to similarly be a part of customer meetings, events, user groups, and conferences around these products for the long term.

Anyway, all that means is that this week, I'm off to Europe yet again.  On Wednesday, I'll be in a customer meeting and then, as one of those quirks of a global organization has it, meeting with my boss face-to-face for a few hours.  On Thursday, I'll be with 92 (or more) of my good friends at an IBM event in Frankfurt.  We are gathering a huge group of German business partners together to provide an update on the Lotus products, and I'll be covering mine as part of the agenda.  Looking at the registration list, I recognize so many of the names and companies.  It will be good to see everyone again.  Dinner Thursday night is in Wiesbaden, a city I have not yet visited...we are there in part because Frankfurt itself will be quite busy due to the annual book fair.  Friday, I'm driving to Luxembourg (the train connections just aren't very good, unfortunately) for a customer lunch, and then back to Frankfurt for Saturday's flight home.

Now, where's that bottle of melatonin hiding?

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