Update on Notes/Domino 8.5

December 1 2008

It's December 1, so there is obviously a lot of ongoing interest in the status of Notes/Domino 8.5.  As I said in my last post, I've recently started using Notes 8.5 as my daily client, and am really happy with some of the incremental improvements (iCalendar stuff is a wow, and I'll write more about that later this week...and the little things, like being able to drag-and-drop text within a rich text field).  Domino 8.5 is in production on many servers in our early deployment labs, and we're seeing real benefits there, too.  

For example, one IBM research server that we've upgraded to 8.5 has a much smaller disk footprint than in earlier releases.  The new NSF compression algorithm introduced in 8.0.1 was the first pass, and saved 22% of storage space in the Domino data directory.  Then we applied the Domino Attachment and Object Service, the new 8.5 feature for attachment management.  DAOS reduced the size of a selected set of NSFs (about half the server) from 65.9 GB to 23.9 GB.  That made the NSF backup process a whole lot faster (and reduced I/O), while isolating those individual attachments in a file-system-based storage area that can also be backed up without worrying about open files and state changes.  I'll report on more such case studies as we go along.

Anyway, with all this good stuff coming, you probably want to know the latest on when it will be available.  We still haven't quite finished the code, but that will happen before the Christmas holiday.  We're gearing up for an exciting approach to the 8.5 launch ... but that excitement will probably be missed in the market if we try to do it in late December.  Thus, I'm being a little vague...recognizing the great work effort being put in by the whole development and product team to get this release to market while balancing the planning and strategic importance of the marketing effort around it.  It's all good news, and it's all going to be here soon enough.

And if you have read this far...one hint that is guaranteed to surprise is here, with more information about that here.

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