Last week I was in Boston, meeting with customers and partners as part of the annual invite-only Social Business Leadership Alliance. The event contents are covered by non-disclosure agreements, which gives us a chance to "let our hair down a bit" and discuss concepts and decisions ahead with the opportunity to garner candid input and feedback. We take the non-disclosure very seriously, and I am pleased to see that even some of the most provocative thoughts shared in Boston stayed in Boston. Thank you to those who attended and participated.

There are a few things I can say coming out of the event that don't have to wait for non-disclosures to be lifted.

  • Notes 8.5.3 on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Last week, we posted Interim Fix 1 for Notes 8.5.3 FixPack 2, and slipstreamed the Notes 8.5.3 client overall to include the fix. Details are in IBM technote 1599884.
  • Notes/Domino Social Edition: Watch for public updates on this release in the next 30 days or so. I was surprised -- in a good way -- to see some new features come into the latest builds, even literally being finished up just in time for the live demos at the event.
  • IBM Connections entitlement with Notes client licenses: Connections 4 has been out for a month, and as a result my team and I have received several inquiries about updating the Files and Profiles entitlement in Notes 8.5.3 to the newer release of Connections. No commitments yet, but contrary to my earlier comments on this topic, we are working on a way to address this sooner than the Q1 release of Notes Social Edition.

On the personal front, feedback on my book project was wonderful. With slight agita, I added a self-promotional slide about Opting In to my presentation, stating as it came up "Now I have to do commercials in my sessions." In the first session, the room spontaneously erupted in support. Thank you all so much for that.

Right now I have kept my travel schedule for Q4 very open, as I expect a lot of last-minute type activity ahead. However one trip on the agenda for next month is to Denmark for the DanNotes seminar on 28 and 29 November. Looking like a great event. I'll be staying in Copenhagen to the 30th as well for customer meetings, and maybe a repeat visit to wintertime Tivoli Gardens...

In the next few days, I am expecting a lot more information about IBM Connect 2013 to be released. Yes, it's all late. We heard that feedback loud and clear last week. Sometimes a sprint is more fun than a marathon, I'm excited about the next sixteen weeks!

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