Well, there's been quite a lot of press coverage today....
There's an article on ibm.com now, that's a good thing to read.
"With the unveiling of the next release of Lotus Notes, code-named 'Hannover,' IBM articulates roadmap, demonstrates commitment"
Also, in the earlier thread, I linked to CRN, IBM's Lotus to preview next Notes.  Here are others:

  • eWeek, IBM shifts course on Lotus Notes client:
    IBM has steadfastly maintained that Workplace was not a replacement for Notes and Domino, though technology road maps released by the company have envisioned some eventual merging of the technologies. In the meantime, demand has surged for Notes and Domino, with the flagship platform enjoying 17 percent revenue growth over the last two quarters.  The new Notes client, which Lotus Software general manager Ambuj Goyal was due to preview at the Deutsche Notes User Group Conference in Hannover, Germany, on Tuesday, is IBM's strongest statement yet that Notes will continue to evolve independently of Workplace.
  • CNET, IBM sees innovations in Notes:
    Erica Rugullies, analyst with Forrester Research, said the composite plans could open up Notes to a number of new uses in the future, if IBM can deliver. "The framework underlying the Notes client software gives IBM the capability to do this sort of thing, and it will make Notes potentially more valuable if it can be used to access applications other than those built on Domino," she said.  In general, the analyst said, IBM's work to align Notes increasingly with the manner in which people want to do their work, by making information more available across applications, could represent a significant step forward.  "Rather than trying to find content based on its format, people will be able to relate information more to their activities, which is a much more intuitive, logical way to mimic the way that people work," said Rugullies. IBM "can differentiate from Office with this approach, because Microsoft isn't talking about building Office 12 in the same way."
  • InfoWorld, Lotus set to preview "Hannover":
    "Most users' inboxes these days can be an interesting collection of stuff. It can serve as a document manager, contain discussion threads, and a lot of business processes take place and, oh yes, we also send and receive e-mails. We are trying to change the inbox experience to one that is activity-centric computing," said Mike Loria, Director of Worldwide Product Marketing at Lotus. ... "We are trying to create a more compelling user experience but we are also focused on making [users] more productive," Loria said.
  • Heise Online, IBM gibt Ausblick auf Lotus Domino/Notes jenseits der Version 7 (sorry, I'm not going to attempt to quote that one ;)
Last point, the blog today has had 2-3x traffic of a normal day, and it's not over State-side yet.  Public acknowledgement that I owe the team at PSC ein bier (zwei? drei?) for keeping things going.

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