The Lotusphere website features an interview with Kristin Keene, discussing how Lotusphere 2006 will be even more technical than ever.

"Each year, the number one piece of feedback we receive from Lotusphere attendees is a request for more technical content," says Kristin Keene, who has been at the helm of Lotusphere content development for nearly ten years. "And while we have certainly increased technical content every year, this year, with Lotusphere BootCamp, we're taking the quantum leap of delivering a new, parallel, end-to-end program of nothing but highly technical content that in itself is the size and scope of your typical technical conference -- and that adds three times more technical sessions to the show overall."
If you've been on the fence about the value of Lotusphere, the Bootcamp track, plus the increased number of jumpstarts and hands-on sessions, should help convince the boss -- yes, it really is a technical conference.

Of course having said that, the Lotusphere site (and Rocky's clues) now divulge that there's some fun, too:
Well, here's your chance! We're proud to announce the first annual Lotusphere JAMFest 2006! On Monday and Tuesday nights, we will be providing you -- all you Ziggy Stardust wannabes, Eric Clapton protégés, or Neal Peart idols -- the opportunity to jump on a stage, pick up an axe, pair of sticks, or mic and rock the house with your awesome riffs or stunning vocals. Of course, "encouragement" will be available for the needy, but for many of you that isn't necessary -- all you need is a stage, an amp, and an audience to shred.
Good stuff -- less than 90 days away.

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