When I arrived in Houston the other day, I passed a couple of people in the airport gate area using Lotus Notes 6.x.  With a brief glance over their shoulder, I noticed that their company had customized their mail template.... the mail message header had a custom logo, and there were a couple of additional buttons in the action bar.   Pretty common to see, but still quite pleasing to me to have a random encounter with Notes in action.

This got me thinking.  Duh, I'm the sales leader for that product...wouldn't it be interesting if I could somehow reach out to that end-user and thank them for being my customer?  If there was a way to communicate to them that they're one of 118 million users of the leading corporate messaging/collaboration system?  If I could help them better their use (or planned use) of Notes in some simple way?  And if by some simple action, communicating to a Notes end user would help improve or further improve their perception of Notes?

I brainstormed this out loud in one of my sessions at the Houston Workplace Live! event yesterday.  As it happened, Nicholette Sherman from Lotus marketing was in the room, so I put her on the spot a bit to start thinking about something like this.  Let me show you what I have in mind....maybe y'all can help, too.  If we do this right, maybe you'll feel the same as I do....finding a way to share your enthusiasm for Notes with our user community-at-large.

Something like this, printed on a business card, that could be cool:  (I picked a generic URL for the moment....)

Image:What do you do when you walk by someone using Lotus Notes?

The cool thing is, we could design this so that any Notes admin/developer/architect/partner/enthusiast could print yourself up a bunch of these, with custom tips and contact information.

Maybe it's just a corny idea, but I think it would be both interesting and fun.  I bet it would help with perception of Notes in the broader IT space to have end-users learn something more about the product they use every day, especially if it reminded them that Notes is #1 in the market, growing, and has a positive future ahead.

Or maybe it's just that lack of sleep getting to me.

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