As we move forward towards delivery of Lotus Notes 8.5 -- and the first release of a Notes 8 client for the Macintosh -- Notes product management, marketing and I have been working more closely on our messages for the Apple desktop market.  For example, we'd like to put together specific messages targeted at Mac populations, including spec sheets, demos, and the like.  We're also working more closely with other parts of IBM as well as (ahem) a key partner in this endeavor.

One fundamental question drives the level of effort we're putting in right now.  How many Lotus Notes customers have a significant deployment of Lotus Notes on the Macintosh, or plan to/would do with the 8.5 release?

The challenge in answering that question, much like the perennial "which Domino server platform is the most popular", is that IBM sells licenses that are agnostic as to the deployed operating system.  Buy a Notes license, and you can run it on Windows XP, Vista, Mac, or several Linux flavors.  We don't ask, and we don't care.

Except that sometimes we care.  Thus, part of the work being done internally right now is to pull data on what customers are using Lotus Notes on the Macintosh, in a sizeable deployment.  We're looking at who has downloaded Notes on Mac (which is a surprisingly large percentage of all Notes/Domino customers), who has called support for Macintosh-related issues, and other data sources.  But again, with an agnostic license, we don't really know , or at least haven't looked at every angle on where we could get some data.

Now, I could spend a few weeks requesting the machine to throw up a quick survey form for me -- and in fact, we did do so once before, many years ago, as far as Notes on the Mac.  This effort, though, is just to get another input.  Thus, I'm asking you.  If your company has a sizeable deployment of Notes on the Mac -- or would/could do -- please send me an e-mail, which will be kept confidential and used as aggregate data for this exercise alone (please leave the link's subject line intact for my mail rules, thanks!).  I do not want to hear from the one Machead in a company of 10,000 Windows machines, or a business partner which is "100% Mac" (all three of you).  I'm looking at departmental or enterprise deployments, either today or planned/possible.  

In your mail, all I'm looking for is company name, number of Notes on Mac users today, number of Notes on Mac users potential, and what version of Notes on Mac is deployed.

I'm looking forward to yet another data point that validates and substantiates the strength of the Notes+Mac population -- more data always helps with efforts to focus on this market segment.  Thanks!

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