Ben Rose and I were discussing plans and timing for a meeting of the UK Notes User Group.  He suggested the meeting be after Lotusphere:

Ed (9:01:09 AM): when is the first physical meeting?
Ben  (9:01:27 AM): i'm going to make it new year, post Lotusphere
Ben (9:01:38 AM): hoping to get someone who attends to bring info back
Ben (9:01:42 AM): no point doing it before
Ed (9:01:55 AM): sure
Ben (9:01:57 AM): as any major strategy stuff will no doubt come out then
Ed (9:02:01 AM): right
Ed (9:02:13 AM): certainly the project purple announcement will be interesting
Ben (9:02:25 AM): don't tease me

Of course, there is no "project purple" announcement at Lotusphere.  But "project purple" does have some meaning in Lotus lore.  Anyone know?

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